The first day of the month of Rajab fell on 5 July this year; Rajab is the first of what is known in Islam as the Three Holy Months; Rajab, Shaban and Ramadan.

Rajab and Shaban are seen as the precursors to Ramadan, a time to get ready for this holiest of times.

It is during the Three Months that Muslims are reminded of their social responsibilities, which they may have forgotten at other times of the year; it is a time for re-developing skills of empathy and considering the needs of others.

The Three Holy Months remind us of what it is we have forgotten during the rest of the year and it is a time when Muslims focus on their worship, refreshing it and deepening it.

The best way to guarantee that these holy months are spent in blessing and benefit is to follow the way of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). One of the greatest joys for a believer is to purify the heart during the Three Holy Months by reciting the prayers of Prophet Muhammad. With this aim in mind we at Lastprophet.info would like to concentrate on the blessed life and practices of the Prophet throughout the three months.

Throughout the three months we would like to focus on Prophet Muhammad's life, to take a step out of the confusion of our daily life and take you to the miraculous time in which he lived. His life be examined in articles written by respected scholars; we will examine how he worshipped and prayed.

The Three Holy Months is a time that presents a great opportunity for becoming better acquainted with Prophet Muhammad. To understand the life of the Guide of Humanity is to understand the religion with which he was sent; his life was dedicated to living and teaching the religion of tawheed (unity).