The life and behavior of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), who was sent to meet the needs of people from different social milieus, met with people, influenced them and educated them in matters connected to the individual, the family, the nation, the ummah (community, or religious community, i.e. all Muslims), to humanity, and to the universe. The behavior and life of the Prophet were offered to us by Allah as “Uswa al-Hasana,” that is the sole universal life model. Those who are rich and wealthy, or poor and needy, weak and destitute, victorious and triumphant, the ruler and the ruled, the teacher and the student, the merchant and the artisan, the employer and the employee, in short, every sort of person, can find something to follow in the life of Prophet Muhammad. We can see that the Prophet lived among different faith groups in his life; he respected all their basic rights. To be able to maintain such a delicate balance so diligently established displays the administrative genius of Prophet Muhammad. His being on the side of the victim and the meek shows us that he had great compassion and kindness; the fact that he encouraged each element of society to live in accord with his values, and the fact that he succeeded in introducing such an atmosphere, displays the all-embracing character of the Prophet.

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Hz. Muhammed (SAV), 20 Nisan 571 yılında Mekke’de doğdu. Annesinin adı Amine, Babasının adı Abdullah. Babası Abdullah, O daha doğmadan önce...